The Hands of Fatima

Bellydance and Musical Troupe

at the

Vineyard Stage

Our shows at the Vineyard Stage are:

10:45 a.m.

1:00 p.m. (see the parade from our benches!)

2:00 p.m.

Round Table (weather permitting)

Saturdays, & sometimes Sundays

4ish for the Knights!

April 1st Round Table tentative and time is whenever the notion strikes!

Just listen for us if you cannot find us...we are not known for being quiet Gypsies!

And, since we are under strict orders from the Sheriff to not pick your pockets,

we ask that you tip generously as we work hard for those tips!

Tip baskets conveniently provided!

We are there ALL 8 weekends!

Gates Open at 10;

You can make our first show by walking forward, taking a slight left fork, all the way to

the back fence, passing the Falconry & Joust Field,

and finding yourselves conveniently close to a Pub and Port-o-Privies!


Sherwood Forest Faire

Saturdays & Sundays (& Friday, March 16),

February 11-April 1, 2012

In alphabetical order for 2013...

Ahava, Alaric, Charles, Hagbard, Liora,

Sahhira, Saida, Shark Bait, Tareija,

& Xandra!

(links on names above go to Facebook)

March 5, 2012

Pictured Above

Front row seated Left to Right: Tareija, Liora, Nephri, & Saida

Kneeling Far Left to Right: Hagbard

Next to last row standing Left to Right:  Charles, Ahava, Sahhira, Xandra & Shark Bait

Back row standing Left to Right: Alaric & Clay

Hands of Fatima 2011 - Closing Weekend

Pictured Above

Front row seated Left to Right:  Saida, Tareija, & Liora

Kneeling Left to Right: Ahava & Sonya

Next to last row standing Left to Right:  Amina & Sahhira

Back row standing Left to Right: Shark Bait, Clay, Alaric, & Charles

Not Pictured: Xandra

                                 above left to right Musicians back row on stage:                                     

Charles, Shark Bait, Clay, & Alaric

above left to right Dancers:

Liora, Saida, Sahhira, Ahava, & Tareija

above left to right: Sahhira, Tareija, Ahava, Liora,          &             Saida

                       Clay & Alaric                                    Charles & Shark Bait